try! Swift is the biggest international iOS developer conference in the world focusing on the new Swift Programming Language. try! Swift India is an amazing chance for developers in the Asian Pacific region to learn the latest world trends in iOS development using the industry's best standards. It took place in Bangalore in November 2017!

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We are committed to providing a safe space for all of our attendees, speakers, and volunteers. Our Code of Conduct can be read in full here.

Meet the Speakers

Robin Malhotra

Open Source Contributor

Bhargav Gurlanka

Senior iOS Engineer at Agoda

Cate Huston

Mobile Lead at Automattic

Vatsal Manot

Framework Designer

Mugunth Kumar

Top Selling iOS Books Author

Sai Hema Kanduri

Swift Foundation APIs Contributor

KS Sreeram

Founder of Clay Programming Language & Clay Labs

Jesse Squires

Swift Weekly Brief, Swift Unwrapped

Kamilah Taylor

Sr. Software Engineer at LinkedIn

Jonathan Guthrie

Sr. Software Engineer at

Satoshi Hachiya

iOS Engineer at ookami

Shivam Mishra

iOS Team Lead at BookMyShow

Aishwarya Kumar

Engineering Manager at Flipkart

Chris Bailey

Swift@IBM Chief Architect

AB Vijay Kumar

CTO for Apple IBM Partnership

Akanksha Sharma

iOS Developer at Network18

Meet the Hosts

Gopal Sharma

Ex-Apple, Tech Architect at Surya Soft

Sanchika Rana

iOS Developer at HealthifyMe

Divya Kabra

Budding iOS Developer

Chris Britt



Bob Lee & Ritesh Gupta
This workshop is designed for developers who are interested in learning iOS app development with Swift. Even if you do not have any prior iOS programming experience, you will learn how to create an iOS app and understand the Swift basics by the end of the workshop. We'll look at Swift fundamentals like properties, optionals, access-controls, functions, protocols, structs, generics, enumerations, functional programming & error handling. We'll use Swift Playgrounds to explore some of these aspects of the language including the latest additions to Swift 4.0.

Pushkar Kulkarni & Rahul Katariya
The Advanced Swift workshop will enable Swift programmers appreciate some of the fundamentals of the Swift language in a deeper sense. We plan to dive deep into language concepts that programmers will eventually encounter in their iOS app development journey - collections, protocols and generics. We’d also demonstrate using custom operators to define beautiful operator-based custom languages within Swift! Different aspects of memory management will also be discussed. We will use Swift Playgrounds and language updates pertaining to Swift 4 will be adopted wherever applicable.

Swift Robot Workshop
November 18th

8:30 - Registration / Breakfast / Networking

9:45 - Workshop Introduction

10:00 - Property, Static vs Class, Types, Guard, Access Controls

10:30 - Generics, Optionals, Tuple, Type Casting

11:00 - Higher order function, Closure syntax, autoclosure, trailing closure

11:30 - Break

12:00 - Completion Handlers, intro to functional swift, init with closure, escaping

12:30 - Protocol syntax, protocol extension, contraints, where, Self

1:00 - Lunch

2:00 - Generic protocol with associated type

2:30 - 3 basic types of enum, enum as value type, self

3:00 - Protocol enum, generics (optional), result type

3:30 - Break

4:00 - @escaping, closure capture list, delegate, weak, unowned, ARC

4:30 - Objective-C vs Swift Error Handling, Error Protocol, Custom errors with try-catch

5:00 - Discussion

5:30 - Closing / Announcements

Swift Guru Workshop
November 18th

8:30 - Registration / Breakfast / Networking

9:45 - Workshop Introduction

11:30 - Break

12:00 - Collections and Sequences

1:00 - Lunch

2:00 - Generics and Protocols

3:30 - Break

4:00 - Custom operators

4:45 - Memory management

5:15 - Discussion

5:30 - Closing / Announcements

Conference Day
November 19th

8:30 - Registration & Breakfast

9:45 - Opening Remarks

10:00 - Swift: One Language to Rule Them All

10:25 - What is `Swifty`?

10:35 - Pair programming with the computer

11:00 - Break

11:30 - May the ‘open’ source be with you.

12:00 - Core ML and your App

12:25 - How Flipkart scrolls at 60fps

12:35 - YOLO Releases Considered Harmful - Running An Effective Mobile Engineering Team

1:00 - Lunch

2:30 - Swiftly programming robots

3:00 - Declarative Programming in Swift

3:25 - Architecture - where Science and Art break even

3:35 - All you need is Swift

4:00 - Break

4:30 - Refactoring your app in Rx

5:00 - Building with SwiftPM

5:25 - AI & Deep Learning using Core ML and Metal Framework

5:35 - Adapting to change: design patterns in Swift

6:00 - Closing / Announcements

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Meet the Organizers

Natasha Murashev

Founder of try! Swift

Vaishnavi Srinivasan

Tech Lead at Capital One

Alvin Varghese

Founder of Swift India

Giridhar V.C

iOS at Zoho

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Conference Venue (November 19th)

Swift Robot Workshop Venue (November 18th)

Swift Guru Workshop Venue (November 18th)


The Leela Palace Bangalore

The Leela Palace Bangalore

If you are traveling internationally, we highly recommend that you stay here. Make sure to get the amazing breakfast and wifi included in the your room rate! You can also arrange Airport Transport, which we highly recommend for your own safety.

FAQ - try! Swift India

How is a Conference different from a Meetup?

A meetup is usually a small local gathering of people with shared interests that takes place monthly or weekly and lasts for about 2 - 3 hours each time, usually in the evenings. In contrast, a conference is a big international event that spans several days and that only typically happens once a year. We’re expecting 15+ international speakers and 250 attendees from all over India and the world at try! Swift India!

By attending a conference such as try! Swift, you expose yourself to people and thinking about your field from all over the world, not just your locale. This will help you get ahead in your career - you will learn the latest technologies and have the opportunity to make connections with very important people in the global community.

What is the format of try! Swift India?

The main conference day for try! Swift India is on November 19th, with workshops offered the day before on November 18th. To get the most out of the conference day, we highly recommend attending the one of the workshops the day before the conference.

During the conference day, there will be 15+ international speakers giving short presentations each about various Swift topics such as iOS development best practices, Open-Source Swift, Server-Side Swift and Swift on Android. There will also be a few presentations about other important career-related topics, such as design and workplace best practices.

In addition to presentations by our impressive international speakers, attendees will have the option to attend one-on-one office hours with each speaker. The official office hours are timed at 20 minutes, but usually these discussions last much longer, making this the most valuable part of the conference for both attendees and speakers. Speaker office hours are relatively unique to the try! Swift conference - most conferences only have a 5-minute public Q&A after each talk. Make sure to take this opportunity to meet the speaker in person and ask them about any issues you’re facing in your code that they may be an expert on!

How can my organization get involved?

try! Swift is coming to India for the very first time, so we need a lot of help from the community! We ask that you send your mobile team to the conference.

We are also looking for sponsors. If you’d like more information, please contact us at [email protected].