try! Swift is the biggest international iOS developer conference in the world focusing on the new Swift Programming Language. try! Swift India is an amazing chance for developers in the Asian Pacific region to learn the latest world trends in iOS development using the industry's best standards. Learn from 15 international speakers, engage with the community. Coming to Bangalore in November 2018!

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Meet the Organizers

Natasha Murashev

Founder of try! Swift

Alvin Varghese

Curator of Swift Sparks

Vaishnavi Srinivasan

Tech Lead at Capital One

Giridhar V.C

iOS at Zoho

Past Speakers

Norman Maurer

Software Engineer at Apple

Krzysztof Zabłocki

Creator of Sourcery & Objective-C Playgrounds

Sarah Olson

iOS Developer at Trello

Brandon Kase

iOS Engineer at Pinterest

Tamar Nachmany

iOS Engineer at Tumblr

Wendy Lu

iOS Engineer at Pinterest

Samuel Goodwin

Founder of Roundwall Software

Sash Zats

Software Engineer at Facebook

Karl von Randow

Creator of Camera+, Charles Proxy, and Vee

Katsumi Kishikawa

Freelance Software Engineer

Kohki Miki

Engineer at Cookpad

Ellen Shapiro

iOS Developer at Bakken & Bæck

Shuichi Tsutsumi

iOS Developer in Tokyo/San Francisco

Samuel Giddins

Bundler & CocoaPods Core Team, Developer at Square

Ben Scheirman

Creator of NSScreencast

Javier Soto

iOS Developer at Twitch

Daisy Ramos

iOS Developer

David Hoang

Head of Product Design at One Medical

Kate Castellano

Senior iOS Developer at Clue

Yuka Ezura

iOS Engineer at LINE

Pushkar Kulkarni

Server-Side Swift at IBM

Yusuke Kita

iOS Developer at Mercari

Felix Krause

Founder of Fastlane

Agnes Vasarhelyi

iOS at Ustream

Soroush Khanlou

iOS consultant

Nate Cook

Managing editor of NSHipster

Kyle Fuller

Open Source Contributor

Meghan Kane

iOS Developer

Sommer Panage

Lead iOS developer at Chorus Fitness

Jon Reid

TDD Expert

Alexis Gallagher

Independent consultant

Brandon Williams

iOS at Kickstarter

Mo Kudeki

Lead iOS Engineer at VINA

Eric Wing

Blurrr SDK

Laura Ragone

iOS at Meetup

Orta Therox

Open Source Contributor: CocoaPods, Danger

Kateryna Gridina

Software engineer at Zalando

Ellen Shapiro

Lead Mobile Developer at SpotHero

Marc Brown

Mobile Engineering Manager at Blue Apron

Rob Napier

Co-author of iOS Programming Pushing the Limits

Danielle Tomlinson

iOS at CircleCI, Open Course Contributor

Natalia Berdys

Independent iOS developer

Andyy Hope

iOS developer at Punters

Kristina Thai

iOS at Intuit

Anastasiia Voitova

Software Engineer at Stanfy

Anat Gilboa

iOS at American Express

Samuel Giddins

Open Source Contributor: Bundler and CocoaPods

T.J. Usiyan

Developer of Chordal Text and AU Additive Synthesizer

Daniel Jalkut

Founder of Red Sweater, MarsEdit

Amy Dyer

iOS at Etsy

Bojana Jam

Senior UX Designer at Typeform

Saul Mora

iOS at 流利说 (Liulishuo)

Marin Todorov

iOS at Realm, Author at Ray Wenderlich

Ryan Nystrom

Lead iOS engineer at Instagram

Chris Bailey

Technical leader at IBM

Matt Gallagher

Cocoa with Love

Paola Mata

iOS at BuzzFeed

Harlan Haskins

Former Swift @ Apple Intern

Craig Clayton

Julio Carrettoni

VP of mobile at Blue Trail Software

Tanner Nelson

Founder of Vapor

Neem Serra

St. Louis Techies Project Founder

Priya Rajagopal

Mobile at Couchbase, Co-inventor on 20+ US patents

James Dempsey

15-year Apple veteran gone Indie

Krunoslav Zaher

Founder of RxSwift

Sonam Dhingra

Senior iOS Engineer at ustwo

Ray Tsaihong

iOS at Line

Nataliya Patsovska

iOS developer

Paul Fenwick

Public speaker, developer, and science educator

Glenna Buford

Engineering Lead at Wooga

Erica Sadun

Swift Open-Source Contributor, Author

Camille Fournier

Managing Director and Head of Platform Engineering at Two Sigma

Bhargav Gurlanka

Senior iOS Engineer at Agoda

Cate Huston

Mobile Lead at Automattic

Vatsal Manot

Framework Designer

Mugunth Kumar

Top Selling iOS Books Author

Jesse Squires

Swift Weekly Brief, Swift Unwrapped

Kamilah Taylor

Sr. Software Engineer at LinkedIn

Jonathan Guthrie

Sr. Software Engineer at

Satoshi Hachiya

Founder of Pancake Meetup

Past Sponsors

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