try! Swift NYC is back! This year, the focus of the conference will be on AI + Swift / iOS Development. Topics will include best practices for coding with AI, integrating AI into your app, how to design using AI, ethics + AI, and more! All will be discussed in a one-day conference on September 5th followed by two days of workshops (4 total to attend) where you can get hands-on and experience AI development for yourself! Join the future of Swift development!

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We are committed to providing a safe space for all of our attendees, speakers, and volunteers. Our Code of Conduct can be read in full here.


John Solsma

Senior Engineering Manager

Zamzam Farzamipooya

Tech lead @Veo Technologies

Emad Ghorbaninia

Lead iOS Engineer

Vatsal Manot

Swift + AI

Mohammad Azam

Lead Mobile Developer

Stefan Blos

Developer Advocate @ Stream


More speakers will be announced in June! This will ensure we have the latest topics for you in the field of AI + Swift / iOS Development during the conference.

September 5

8:30 am - Registration & Breakfast

9:30 am - Opening Remarks

9:45 am - Presentations

11:15 am - Break

11:45 am - Presentations

1:15 pm - Lunch

2:20 pm - Presentations

4:00 pm - Break

4:30 pm - Presentations

6:00 pm - Closing / Announcements

September 6

9:00 am - Workshop 1 Start

12:00 pm - Workshop 1 End

2:00 pm - Workshop 2 Start

5:00 pm - Workshop 2 End

6:30 pm - Party

September 7

9:00 am - Workshop 3 Start

12:00 pm - Workshop 3 End

2:00 pm - Workshop 4 Start

5:00 pm - Workshop 4 End


Working with language (models) on iOS

Stefan Blos

ChatGPT, GPT-4, and LLMs are the talk of the town. But aside from racist chatbots, obviously incorrect quotes, and psychedelic images how can we really leverage these language models to improve our apps? Let’s discover APIs that offer services that we can really use in day-to-day development and go down the rabbit hole up until the point of using custom CoreML models and even training them. We’ll start with what Apple has given us with the Natural Language framework and slowly build our way up to the complex large language models (LLMs), such as ChatGPT and Whisper, that we can use for incredibly powerful applications.

There are many different layers to AI and machine learning on mobile and we can leverage the powers of the built-in processors to do powerful on-device machine learning tasks but sometimes it is just necessary to do compute-heavy tasks somewhere else. We'll explore all the possibilities that we have for this!

Build a GPT-powered Chat Interface with Your Own Data, in Swift!

Vatsal Manot

Get a concrete introduction to the fundamentals of connecting LLMs to external data by building your very own iOS chatbot in pure Swift!

In this workshop you will learn:

  • The basic concepts of LLMs and text embeddings.
  • The basics of vector databases, and how to create one for your data using an open source Swift framework and OpenAI's APIs.
  • How to build a simple chatbot on top of your own custom database.

Words to Widgets: Harnessing Language Models for Rapid iOS App Development

John Solsma

Large language models, like ChatGPT, have revolutionized the world, and iOS development is no exception. In this talk, we will explore the fascinating world of prompt engineering and its transformative impact on iOS app development. By leveraging the power of large language models, developers can significantly boost coding efficiency, enhance unit testing, and improve code coverage. This innovative approach not only streamlines the app creation process but also empowers developers to craft more robust and reliable applications with less effort. We will discuss real-world examples that demonstrate how incorporating these AI-driven models into your development workflow can substantially enhance your software's performance and functionality.

Firebase ML and Cloud Functions for iOS Apps: Unleash the Fun and Power!

Zamzam Farzamipooya

Machine learning has become an essential component for developing intelligent, personalized mobile applications. This talk focuses on effectively leveraging Firebase ML and Cloud Functions for seamless integration of ML models into your iOS applications. Gain insights on utilizing these powerful tools to create mobile applications that deliver exceptional user experiences, harnessing the power of machine learning and serverless computing.

Code That Teaches Itself: A Superior Approach to iOS Development using GPT-Powered Coding

Emad Ghorbaninia

In this workshop, I'll show you how GPT-Powered Coding is revolutionizing iOS development. Instead of following conventional solutions from Stack Overflow, you'll learn how to use GPT to generate high-quality, unique code that perfectly fits your app's needs. I'll walk you through the benefits of GPT, how it can improve your code quality and reduce development time, and showcase real-world examples of GPT-Powered Coding. You'll also gain practical guidance and tips for integrating GPT into your workflow.

CreateML for iOS Developers

Mohammad Azam

In this workshop, you'll learn machine learning concepts and how to use CreateML to train models for image, text, and data classification. Through hands-on activities, you'll learn to train models to distinguish cats and dogs, classify text and images, and analyze tabular data. By the end of the workshop, you'll have the skills to integrate machine learning models into your iOS apps and have the chance to engage in discussions with the instructor and attendees.



More workshops will be announced in the next few weeks!

Workshops are free for all try! Swift NYC ticket holders. Workshops will be conducted by the speakers and take place in various offices around NYC. Those who purchased a ticket will receive an Eventbrite email with further instructions on how to select a workshop in early-August.

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Meet the Hosts

Natasha Murashev

Founder of try! Swift

Nathaniel Segal


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FAQ - try! Swift NYC

How is a Conference different from a Meetup?

A meetup is usually a small local gathering of people with shared interests that takes place monthly or weekly and lasts for about 2 - 3 hours each time, usually in the evenings. In contrast, a conference is a big international event that spans several days and that only typically happens once a year. We’re expecting 10 international speakers and 300+ attendees from all over the United States and the world at try! Swift NYC!

By attending a conference such as try! Swift, you expose yourself to people and thinking about your field from all over the world, not just your locale. This will help you get ahead in your career - you will learn the latest technologies and have the opportunity to make connections with very important people in the global community.

What is the format of try! Swift NYC?

try! Swift NYC starts on September 5th with a full day of talks from 10 international speakers about various AI + Swift / iOS topics such as best practices for coding with AI, integrating AI into your app, how to design using AI, ethics + AI, and more, and anything new Apple has announced at their annual WWDC conference. You then have an option to attend a total of 4 workshops run by the speakers to go hands-on and therefore deep into the topics covered during the conference. The workshops will be for 3 hours each on September 6th and 7th in offices all around NYC.

How can my organization get involved?

try! Swift is a community conference, and we really need everyone's help to make it happen! The easiest way to get involved is by attending. If you're a manager, we ask that you send your mobile team to the conference.

We are also looking for sponsors. If you’d like more information, please contact us at [email protected].