FAQ - try! Swift India


How is a Conference different from a Meetup?

A meetup is usually a small local gathering of people with shared interests that takes place monthly or weekly and lasts for about 2 - 3 hours each time, usually in the evenings. In contrast, a conference is a big international event that spans several days and that only typically happens once a year. We’re expecting 15+ international speakers and 250 attendees from all over India and the world at try! Swift India!

By attending a conference such as try! Swift, you expose yourself to people and thinking about your field from all over the world, not just your locale. This will help you get ahead in your career - you will learn the latest technologies and have the opportunity to make connections with very important people in the global community.

What is the format of try! Swift India?

The main conference day for try! Swift India is on November 19th, with workshops offered the day before on November 18th. To get the most out of the conference day, we highly recommend attending the one of the workshops the day before the conference.

During the conference day, there will be 15+ international speakers giving short presentations each about various Swift topics such as iOS development best practices, Open-Source Swift, Server-Side Swift and Swift on Android. There will also be a few presentations about other important career-related topics, such as design and workplace best practices.

In addition to presentations by our impressive international speakers, attendees will have the option to attend one-on-one office hours with each speaker. The official office hours are timed at 20 minutes, but usually these discussions last much longer, making this the most valuable part of the conference for both attendees and speakers. Speaker office hours are relatively unique to the try! Swift conference - most conferences only have a 5-minute public Q&A after each talk. Make sure to take this opportunity to meet the speaker in person and ask them about any issues you’re facing in your code that they may be an expert on!

How can my organization get involved?

try! Swift is coming to India for the very first time, so we need a lot of help from the community! We ask that you send your mobile team to the conference.

We are also looking for sponsors. If you’d like more information, please contact us at [email protected].

Is there a CFP?

There is no CFP for try! Swift. Speakers are hand-picked based on many factors to make sure we can put together the best conference for the community. If you’d like to speak at a future try! Swift, please fill out this form.

Keep in mind that our community is filled with amazing developers and speakers. So if you are not selected for a try! Swift Conference right away, please don’t take it personally. We are limited by the number of speakers we can have at each conference and we’re doing our best to accommodate as many amazing developers and speakers as possible! For example, we make sure to change speakers for every conference around the world, so there are very few repeat speakers (there haven’t been any repeats in 3 conferences so far!).

I am a beginner. Is it ok for me to attend the conference and workshop? What can I expect from the conference and attendees?

Yes, of course! Some of our attendees are beginners. However, we highly recommend that you attend the Swift Robot workshop to get some hands-on skills and to get the most out of the conference day. The conference will help accelerate your learning and make connections with others who have been in your shoes before (aka everyone!). We encourage all our attendees to keep a beginner’s mind and provide a friendly and harassment-free environment. You can view our Code of Conduct here.


What is a workshop?

A workshop is your opportunity to get hands-on and in-depth with Swift with the guidance of world-class instructors for one whole day before the conference! There will be two main instructors with more than eight assistant instructors, so you can bet that you will get personal attention. You will also have the opportunity to meet and work with other conference attendees during the workshop, making new friends and building important career relationships.

Whether you’re a beginner or already using Swift in your day-to-day job, you will doubtlessly challenge your Swift skills in one of our workshops!

Why is a workshop so expensive?

The workshop is more expensive because you will get personal attention from the instructor for a full day. The workshop will also be held in a nice comfortable venue with good Wifi and food will be provided throughout the day to optimize learning!

Purchasing Tickets

Is the conference ticket amount refundable?

We will completely refund the full ticket price amount if you ask any time before August 15th, 2017. We cannot issue any refunds after August 15th due to the conference expenses associated with your purchase.

Can I transfer my ticket to someone else?

Yes, you can transfer your ticket to someone else at any point. If you can't attend the conference due to an unexpected reason, please send us a ticket transfer request to [email protected] with the new attendee’s name and email address, and we will help you transfer the ticket.

Can I apply two coupons at the same time? Maybe more than two?

No. As per Eventbrite, you can’t apply multiple discount coupons for a single event.

What happens once I purchase the ticket?

Please check your registered e-mail address with electronic ticket and invoice. We will ask you to show the ticket at registration on the first day of the conference and give you your badge, t-shirt, and special swag bag once you’re checked-in.

We will keep in touch with you over the next few months (especially as it gets closer to the conference) with the latest information.


Is food included in the conference ticket?

Yes - we will provide a light breakfast, lunch, and two coffee breaks with snacks throughout the day of the conference, including the workshops. Dinner is not included.

Can I choose specific food type, what if I am allergic to some foods?

We will be providing South Indian vegetarian food. Please let us know about your food preferences or allergies in the questionnaire when you purchase the ticket and we will do our best to honor your request. We will let you know if if we cannot accommodate your allergy.


Will there be Wi-Fi?

There will be Wi-fi at the workshop venues, but only limited Wifi at the conference venue. We will announce the connection details during the conference. Please download Xcode and videos ahead of time!

Do I have to bring my laptop? is it even allowed?

Yes, you are welcome to bring your laptop. However, we recommend that you fully charge it at home, as there will be very few places to charge it throughout the conference venue. Please also keep your laptop with you at all times - we are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

How is the seating arranged? I didn’t get any seat number?

The Grand Magrath Hotel is arranged cluster-style and will have enough good seats for everyone! We do not assign seat numbers, so please arrive early on each conference day to reserve your preferred seat.


Is accommodation included in the conference ticket?

No, try! Swift does not provide accommodation. You are responsible for your own travel arrangements.

I am an overseas participant. What is the process for getting a visa?

Visa requirements vary based on the country you are from. If you are coming from Europe, Americas, or Asia, you can most likely apply for an e-Visa online. If your country is not eligible for an e-Visa, please look up the exact requirements through your embassy. If you need further assistance, including an invitation letter, email us at [email protected] .


What should I do if I have a question that is not on this list?

No problem! Just email us at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

To purchase your ticket, just go here. We look forward to seeing you there!