try! Swift」はプログラミング言語Swiftに関するコミュニティ主催のカンファレンスです。ベストプラクティス、アプリケーション開発、サーバーサイドSwift、オープンソースSwiftなど、Swiftに関する技術情報とコミュニケーションを目的に20183月に開催予定です。

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Natasha Murashev

Founder of try! Swift

Satoshi Hachiya

Founder of Pancake Meetup

Hideyuki Nanashima

Swift Lover

Daiki Matsudate

iOS Freelancer

Yoichiro Sakurai

iOS / Web Developer at Retty

Nino Sakuma

Designer / iOS Developer

Past Speakers

Felix Krause

Founder of Fastlane

Agnes Vasarhelyi

iOS at Ustream

Soroush Khanlou

iOS consultant

Nate Cook

Managing editor of NSHipster

Kyle Fuller

Open Source Contributor

Meghan Kane

iOS Developer

Sommer Panage

Lead iOS developer at Chorus Fitness

Jon Reid

TDD Expert

Alexis Gallagher

Independent consultant

Brandon Williams

iOS at Kickstarter

Mo Kudeki

Lead iOS Engineer at VINA

Eric Wing

Blurrr SDK

Rikke Møller Koblauch

Product designer

Laura Ragone

iOS at Meetup

Krzysztof Siejkowski

iOS at Polidea

Yusuke Ito

Architect at Shiroyagi Corporation, Engineer at HANDS MEMORY

Kazuaki Matsuo

iOS at Cookpad

Orta Therox

Open Source Contributor: CocoaPods, Danger

Christopher Rogers

iOS at Line

Marius Rackwitz

iOS at Realm

Derek Lee

iOS at Pivotal Labs

Kateryna Gridina

Software engineer at Zalando

Ellen Shapiro

Lead Mobile Developer at SpotHero

Marc Brown

Mobile Engineering Manager at Blue Apron

Rob Napier

Co-author of iOS Programming Pushing the Limits

Danielle Tomlinson

iOS at CircleCI, Open Course Contributor

Natalia Berdys

Independent iOS developer

Andyy Hope

iOS developer at Punters

Kristina Thai

iOS at Intuit

Jorge Ortiz

Mobile, Cecurity, and Systems Architecture Freelancer

Anastasiia Voitova

Software Engineer at Stanfy

Anat Gilboa

iOS at American Express

Natasha Nazari

Language Learner & Teacher

Samuel Giddins

Open Source Contributor: Bundler and CocoaPods

T.J. Usiyan

Developer of Chordal Text and AU Additive Synthesizer

Daniel Jalkut

Founder of Red Sweater, MarsEdit

Amy Dyer

iOS at Etsy

Bojana Jam

Senior UX Designer at Typeform

Saul Mora

iOS at 流利说 (Liulishuo)

Marin Todorov

iOS at Realm, Author at Ray Wenderlich

Erik Romijn

co-founder and CTO of DashCare

Ryan Nystrom

Lead iOS engineer at Instagram

Chris Bailey

Technical leader at IBM

Robert Dickerson

Lead Software Engineer, [email protected]

Katsumi Kishikawa

iOS/OS X developer at Realm

try! Swiftは、さまざまな地域やコミュニティから集うすべての人びとに対して開かれたカンファレンスを目指しています。特に、性別や人種など、多様な背景を持つ人びとが互いに敬意を払って楽しい時間を過ごせるよう、当カンファレンスでは、発表者や参加者、スポンサーの皆様に行動規範を守っていただくようにお願いしています。行動規範の全文はGitHubにて公開しています。

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