try! Swift Conference is an international community gathering about the latest advancements in Swift Development. The event is about bringing together talent from all around the world to collaborate and share advanced knowledge and techniques to improve Swift craftsmanship. Coming again to Tokyo on March 21st & 22nd 2019, with workshops happening on March 23rd!

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We are committed to providing a safe space for all of our attendees, speakers, and volunteers. Our Code of Conduct can be read in full here.

Meet the Speakers

Michael Ilseman

Swift's Standard Library team at Apple

Tom Doron

Senior Engineering Manager at Apple

David Okun


Ian Partridge


Nobuo Saito

iOS Tech Lead at Mercari

Yuta Saito

iOS Developer at Mercari

Hikaru Yoshimura

Developer at Recruit Marketing Partners

Maxim Cramer

Principle Design Technologist at Autodesk

Jon-Tait Beason

iOS Software engineer at Glowforge

Nic Laughter

Software engineer at

Benedikt Terhechte

Senior iOS Developer at XING

Namrata Bandekar

Principal Software Engineer at Zynga

Liz Marley

iOS Engineer at Nordstrom

Cecilia Humlelu

Developer at Spotify

Dave DeLong

Ex-Apple iOS Engineer

Adam Bell

Software Engineer at Facebook

Mayuko Inoue

iOS Engineer and YouTuber

Sally Shepard

iOS Developer, Accessibility Consultant, Writer and Hardware Hacker

Kristina Fox

Senior iOS Engineer at Intuit


Developer/Designer of CotEditor

Andrew Madsen

Director of iOS at Lambda School, iPhreaks Co-host

Donny Wals

iOS @ Disney

Yusuke Hosonuma

Software Engineer at DeNA

Yuki Aki

iOS Engineer at LINE Fukuoka

Tomoya Hirano

iOS Developer at DeNA

Michael Petrie

Lead iOS measurement framework team at ZOZO Technologies

Ryo Izumi

iOS Developer at Nohana

Kamil Borzym

iOS software developer

Rina Kotake

iOS Developer at DeNA

Yuki Kokubun

iOS/Web application developer in DeNA

Yuto Mizutani

iOS Developer at VALU

Kishikawa Katsumi

iOS Developer

Yusuke Kita

Software Engineer at Mercari

Meet the Hosts

Yusaku Kinoshita

Tim Oliver


Open Source Swift Workshop

Nicholas Maccharoli, Sho Ikeda, Yusuke Kita
In this workshop we will look at the Swift compilation process and what those parts are, learn a bit about LLVM, how to find a bug to work on using and then making a build with our changes and running tests.A merged pull request is not the goal of this workshop, but after attending this workshop you should have enough knowledge to get started and know where to look to learn more.If you are proficient in C++ or even have some experience with LLVM, then you can start working with the Swift compiler right away. If you do not have former C++ knowledge fear not, the Swift standard library and SwiftSyntax are written mostly in Swift and the python / swift hybrid '.gyb' files.

Build an app with Firestore, Swift, and Typescript

Morgan and Mike
Join the Firebase team in building a serverless iOS app on top of Cloud Firestore. In this workshop, we'll be taking advantage of Swift language features to manage complexity across our app while also learning the intricacies of Cloud Firestore.

Exploring Swift on the Raspberry Pi

Ahmed Bakir
In this workshop, you will learn how you can use Swift today on the Raspberry Pi. Starting with setting up your development environment, we will move into server projects using Vapor, and IoT projects using SwiftyGPIO. Time-permitting, we will also try to introduce how you can contribute to the efforts to port more of the Swift language to the Raspberry Pi.

Note: You bring a full-sized modern Raspberry Pi is preferred (Raspberry Pi 2, 3, or 3 B+). For those who do not have a Pi, we will be providing a VM image you can use to follow along -- but you should have QEMU installed before the workshop.

Testing and Performance Workshop

Samuel and Nic
Join Samuel and Nic improve the quality of your apps. Bring your projects (work or personal, we don’t mind) and let’s improve their test coverage and fix any slow problems. Wether there are no tests or lots of tests, all are welcome to join!

Better Developer Tooling by writing your own Mac Apps with Cocoa Bindings

Benedikt Terhechte
Tooling is a really important part of development. Oftentimes, however, clunky HTML interfaces or difficult-to-remember, arcane command line interfaces make daily tasks much more cumbersome than they actually are. A great solution to this problem lies in the development of prototyped macOS apps that solve these tasks with a nice UI. Even better, as they're written in Swift they can easily be extended by all developers on the team. Some examples of areas where these such tools could be applied are testing, data generation, QA, network simulation, visualisation, or command line interfaces. The workshop utilises the concept of Cocoa Bindings in order to develop complex macOS apps blazingly fast. It will also touch on some of the differences between macOS and iOS and finally explain how to directly interact with Unix services or command line tools from your app. The workshop will implement several tooling apps so that attendees get a good understanding of the underlying concepts & technologies. The key learning of the workshop is being able to solve daily tooling problems with great macOS apps instead of fugly bash hacks

Fast Audio Waveform Rendering using the Accelerate Framework

Andrew Coad
This workshop explores techniques for the rapid on-screen rendering of audio waveforms generated from audio files. The primary method for processing raw audio samples is through the Accelerate Framework’s DSP library but other supplemental techniques that make use of either SIMD instructions or GPU hardware are explored. Workshop participants will implement sample code in Swift 4.x and can either use a Mac iOS simulator with an audio file provided in the workshop’s Git repository or, alternatively, run the workshop code on an iOS device accessing their own iPod library.

Getting Time Calculations Right

Dave DeLong
Date and time calculations are notoriously difficult to get right. It seems like every month, another app is in the news for getting dates and time wrong. In this workshop we’re going to cover a couple of small but important tactics for making sure you get these kinds of complicated problems right.

Build a Cloud-Native Swift Backend

Ian and David
In this workshop you'll learn the fundamentals of cloud-native technologies like Docker and Kubernetes, and build and deploy a real server-side Swift microservice into a production cloud cluster. By first building a RESTful API in Kitura, we'll add in database persistence, monitoring, scaling and failover. Sounds complicated? We provide the tools and APIs to make it easy. Learn some key skills, and get on the road to being a full-stack engineer.

Getting started with Swift Hardware

During the workshop, we’ll start by building and understanding a simple circuit, then we’ll build on that to create a CI bot (something that shows the status of your CI or some other service). This would be based on Raspberry Pi’s, all programming would be in Swift.

Note: This workshop requires Raspberry Pi so you can choose as below:
  • Free: You'll bring your own Raspberry Pi to venue.
  • Paid ($65): If you don't have Raspberry Pi, we prepare for you, and you can bring back to your home.

Peer Labs

Peer Labs is your chance to get hands on with things you learned from try! Swift presentations, discuss any issues with the speakers, connect with your peers, work on open source projects, organize impromptu learning sessions and more! Peer labs do not have a strict structure, and are open-ended instead. It is what you and your peers make of it! We will ask everyone to introduce themselves in the beginning, and then it is up to you to ask questions and work together with others on projects that interest you.

During Peerlab, Bitrise will run Demo.

Workshops are free for all try! Swift Tokyo ticket holders. If you have a ticket, please apply from Here

March 21st

8:30 - Registration & Breakfast

9:45 - Opening Remarks

10:00 - Native macOS application, or the world of AppKit

10:25 - ⚡️🎤Deep dive into Swift Literal

10:35 - Color Contrast for Accessibility

11:00 - Break

11:30 - Swift as Light

11:55 - ⚡️🎤Limited import clarification and its effect

12:05 - Generics in protocol extension

12:30 - Introduction to Swift Keypaths

13:00 - Lunch

14:30 - Discover memory leak with Testcase

14:55 - ⚡️🎤Graphics like Pixar using Swift

15:05 - So you want to build an ARKit app

15:30 - ⚡️🎤Introducing SourceKit-LSP

15:40 - Swift Server Update

16:05 - Break

16:35 - Using C, C++ and Objective C frameworks in Swift apps

17:00 - ⚡️🎤MachObfuscator

17:10 - Driving Engagement with Siri Shortcuts and NSUserActivity

17:35 - try Prototype!

18:00 - Closing / Announcements

March 22nd

9:00 - Breakfast

9:45 - Opening Remarks

10:00 - The Laws of Magic

10:25 - ⚡️🎤Making Portrait mode yourself

10:35 - Building a Social Network in Swift

11:00 - Break

11:30 - Swift Hardware Hacking

11:55 - ⚡️🎤Basics of Implement convenience with SwiftSyntax

12:05 - Swift type metadata

12:30 - Building a Mobile Design System

13:00 - Lunch

14:30 - Shaping Sounds in Swift

14:55 - ⚡️🎤Psychology study background and prospects in iOS device

15:05 - Property-based test beginning with SwiftCheck

15:30 - ⚡️🎤All about linking libraries

15:40 - The Philosopher's String

16:05 - Break

16:35 - Assembly. You can do it!

17:00 - ⚡️🎤Contributing to Swift Compiler

17:10 - In defence of Core Data

17:35 - 次へつなごう— Extending a hand to the next generation of Apple developers

18:00 - Closing / Announcements

18:30 - Party🎉

March 23rd

9:00 - Open Source Swift Workshop

10:00 - Build an app with Firestore, Swift, and Typescript

9:00 - Exploring Swift on the Raspberry Pi

9:00 - Testing and Performance Workshop

9:00 - Better Developer Tooling by writing your own Mac Apps with Cocoa Bindings

9:00 - Fast Audio Waveform Rendering using the Accelerate Framework

9:00 - Getting Time Calculations Right

9:00 - Build a Cloud-Native Swift Backend

9:00 - Getting started with Swift Hardware

13:00 - Workshops End


14:00 - Peer Labs

18:00 - Peer Labs End

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Meet the Organizers

Natasha Murashev

Founder of try! Swift

Satoshi Hachiya

Founder of Pancake Meetup

Hideyuki Nanashima

Swift Lover

Daiki Matsudate

iOS Developer

Nino Sakuma

Designer / iOS Developer

Matthew Gillingham

Engineering Manager

Takeshi Ihara

iOS Developer at AbemaTV

Kouhei Takamatsu

Software Engineer

Yutaro Muta

Mobile Application Developer at Hatena

Shota Ebara

Software Engineer at Cybozu

Satoru Ohguchi


Takashi Kinjo

Mobile Application Developer at CyberAgent

Shunsuke Kondo

Freelance iOS Developer

Mizuko Aoyagi

iOS Developer

Akihito Kumakura

Software Engineer

Shingo Tamaki

Software Engineer

Reiko Y Goto

iOS Developer

Kyusaku Mihara

Developer / Photographer

Koichi Tanaka

Software Engineer

Yusaku Kinoshita

Engineering Gateway at Mercari

Austin Zeng

Software Engineer

Matthew Vern

Software Engineer

Alvin Varghese

Founder of Swift India

Yoichiro Sakurai

Engineering Manager

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Conference Venue: Belle Salle Shibuya First